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After Estelle's painful rejection from a job because of her appearance, she checks her low self-esteem and re-evaluates her perceptions. Having felt totally undesirable, she finds a way to make herself desirable by maximizing her attributions.
Estelle's awakening to self-empowerment.
Forty Lovers by Courtney McConnel
Forty Lovers by Courtney McConnel
Jill Whitworth is a beautiful, curvy 23 year-old in Paris who loves eating and being hedonistic. In her polyamorous world view, life is a feast. But her soul, as revealed in conversations with Goddess, calls love to her to help her through her family pains. They contribute sex and depth along the way, but will Jill have a loving connection that suits her life?
Une heure pleasure coaching - One hour pleasure coaching
Prix: 80,00 €
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